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What is ShopCentral Pro?
ShopCentral Pro is a powerful e-commerce component of Signetique’s complete e-business suite of products. Powerful for the demanding, yet easy to maintain, ShopCentral Pro allows today’s companies to deploy an
e-business site quickly in an ever changing business environment. ShopCentral is a proven and reliable
e-commerce shopfront management system adopted by both leading corporations and new start-ups.
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Web-based Adminstration
Manage your online shop using ShopCentral Pro’s comprehensive web-based control panel. Simply point and click to configure your shopfront, with
absolutely no programming knowledge needed.

Using the Product Manager, you can gain access and update your product database in real-time. With ShopCentral Pro’s intuitive offline tool, you can manage large product database at your own leisure without connecting to the Internet. You can also manage across-the-board or specific product discounts expires on a set date.

A special feature of ShopCentral Pro allows you to create unlimited sub-categories with the Category Manager at the click of a button. Make more sales with ShopCentral Pro’s powerful cross-selling feature. Prevent users from buying more than what you have on hand by setting limits in
the Inventory Manager. Tie-up in real-time with your existing POS systems. Additionally, you can improve customer relationship and improve sales by harnessing the power of the Email Manager to reach specific interest
groups … and much more.

Fully Scalable
ShopCentral Pro's efficient and reliable coding structure means that you need not invest in expensive hardware to host your e business website. You can even host your website on a virtual webhosting plan initially and scale it up progressively. That translates into huge cost savings for you from day 1.

Quick Deployment
ShopCentral Pro is an integrated e-commerce solution that takes only 30 minutes to setup. Yes, you can actually start selling online almost immediately. Naturally, it takes a little longer if customizations are needed. Nonetheless, most ShopCentral-powered websites are
deployed within 1 month.


ShopCentral Pro
  Fully Customizable
  Platform Independent
  Membership Profiling
  Minimal Start-up Costs
  Powerful Auction Engine
  Real-time Credit Card Transaction
  Does not require Additional Hardware
  User-friendly Web-based Administration
  Compatibility with Most Backend Database Engines
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